Friday, 13 January 2012

update #11

Mum/Moannie has no internet for some reason at home just now, so hasn't been able to update you herself.

Following her #3 chemo last friday, she has had a pamper day at the Hospice with a pal she met in hospital in November, Junie! They have the same wicked sense of humour and was surprised they got to stay the whole day, figured they would've been expelled!

That was wednesday, on thursday she was called into hospital for a blood transfusion and spent all day into mid evening there, coming home exhausted by the day, but already feeling a bit bouyed by the sudden influx of healthy jam packed bags of red blood cells. hence feeling so utterly tired, it wasn't just the chemo then!

Today she got a call to say, be here by noon if you want a weeks respite, so Mum is now wrapped up in the arms of the local hospice.

JP/Dad is on R & R for seven days with himself and Milou to tend and as he isn't too well right now (JP that is) it is good timing.

l am itching to go down but can't just now. So will have to itch a while longer. NOAOS is on hand and visiting her today and my sis is coming down on Sunday.

back soon with more....

(thank you for all your thought, prayers and messages, I pass them on to Mum asap, she misses you all too much!)


  1. Hugs and kisses to you both - To be collected soon in person xxx

  2. Good news the transfusion .. its a needed help because that cursed chemo depletes everything ... xo

  3. Said a prayer just prior to reading the update. Glad to hear Moannie is enjoying a good stretch. Please give her my love and assure her she is in my thoughts and prayers (you, too!)

  4. Thanks for the update. Hoping that the transfusion will help Moannie to get stronger again. Glad she has found a friend who she can relate to with her wicked sense of humour.
    Pass on my love and best wishes.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. Thanks always for these updates. Please give your Mum my love.. and a big hug for all of you. Make sure JP looks after himself too.

  5. I bet she'll have some good tales to tell about the hospice and its inhabitants! Love to you all,

  6. Thanks for the update. Hope things progress smoothly for your mom and dad, and for you as well. There is always so much to do and coordinate no matter what.

  7. glad the transfusion perked her up a bit and she's got chance to rest and has another wickedly funny friend. continuing to send good thoughts.


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