Friday, 25 November 2011



A hectic few days for Mumma, which has included three separate hospital appointments over three days, culminating in todays first chemo session.

The house has been cleaned (again, after my sister blitzed the place last week) by a team of Molly Mops (yes that's what they are REALLY called), visits from district nurse, Occ. Health, GP, Hospice at home carers and a regular morning and evening carer to help Mum with her ablutions and what nots.

I've spoken to Mum and she is tucked up in bed. Tired and a bit in awe of the amount of visitors through their front door, probably several more than they are used to in one year alone.

I'm driving down on Monday for the week and will record Mum's missives (posts) on her blog.

So back soon with more......


Monday, 21 November 2011

update #6

Mum has a busy week ahead of her;

hospital appointments wednesday, thursday and friday,

all being well after the first two appointments, chemo begins friday.

After some changes to her meds, she is breathing better I can report
and more comfortable, now she just wants to catch up on elusive sleep
in prep for the next few days.

I shall be visiting again early next week, for cuddles, hand holding, praps a pedicure,
foot massage and generally some buckets of  tlc

and I think we will be shopping if she's feeling up to it....maybe even if she isn't, well it's all therapy isn't it!!

'Alice' xx

Saturday, 19 November 2011

update #5

A very long week of waiting for Moannie and co
and yesterday, each other felt like a days breadth

finally, came the text

'yes to chemo'

which is the news Mum wanted, wished (and yeah she may even have prayed) for

I know many of you have prayed, sent light, good thoughts, positive vibes...

all gratefully received...
and so next week chemo commences and Mum has agreed to sign up for a trial also.

More soon....

Monday, 14 November 2011

Update #4

After a few days of mad, mental meanderings
and surprisingly lucid recountings, considering

Mum has had a wonderful weekend,
l'm sure she will impart the stories...

surrounded by family she has continued to be pampered,
of course,

midnight feasts, talking long into the nights
and a sunday roast, apparently to die for..

My son and I, mouths dripping with want
from 400 miles away, taste every succulent morsel

This morning Mum is in Fab and Feisty mood,
fire in the belly
today she is gonna take a scalp or two...
from the medical profession l'm sure

watch this space....

'alice' x

Friday, 11 November 2011

update #3

Mum is in bed, Queen like,
her attendants in waiting,

'.... please get me this, I fancy that...'

She has the use of NOASon's Apple mac book,
(cor ain't she the lucky one!)
and is in heaven.
I understand she has been reading your comments here and over at her blog,

The View from this end

and making the odd comment,
she is very moved by your support, words
and often much laughter (the best medicine in my book)
caused by Jim and Rick's comments...

My sister is on way back down for a long weekend,
and the support network is kicking in through her GP,

I am back home in Carlisle, for now,
and will wait for next weeks reports and results,
then make my mind up when to go back down to visit.

Be assured she is comfortable, being pampered
and all your words are getting through to her.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

update #2

Great news! Mum is home from hospital in her own bed.

She returned home yesterday with a truckload of gumph, meds, oxygen and goodness knows what else.

The message is that she is very comfortable, glad to be home with Dad/JP and to gather strength for the days ahead.

Because Moannies blog is not up to date I can tell you that we are waiting for biopsy results and all the appropriate consultants etc to have their conflabs and then sometime next week, hopefully in the early part of the week we will have some picture of what lies ahead.

Milou is happy and Dad/JP is happy, but probably frazzled, to have Mum home for a while.

NOAOSon is running around like a blue arsed fly, cos he has to and cos he wants and needs to.

Lita Mona, NOASon and I are working with, around and behind the scenes to simplify, organise, gather information and generally help however, whenever we can.

Everyone's priority is Mum and she thanks you all for your messages and emails. This weird wonderland that is blogging is bringing her great support and love and she is very, very grateful. I'm sure you all know that.

Alice x

(this info will be more up to date than Moannie blog as I am receiving her posts retrospectively. Also I am no longer posting on my former blog FFF fabfeistyandfabulous so all updates will be here)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

update #1

Just to let you know that I've been down to visit Mum and she is out of immediate danger. last week held the potential and the doctors have taken her in hand and made good her breathing by inserting a stent... and she is no longer bloated to the size of a prize  pumpkin.... sorry Mum! Full details of which will unfold on her won blog

She is in feisty, l'll take no shit, spirits, (where else would l get that from?) and she is surrounded by her family. Mum is buoyed up by the support of her friends here and she is so touched and moved by you all.
 laptop is being sorted for her so between Paco and this newer machine she intends to visit you all personally soon.

Please be measured when taking her dancing, drinking or whatever else you concoct and remember she must be home by midnight!

thank you all!

'Alice' er well you know its me dontcha! (saz)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

its all about Mum...

from now until the foreseeable unknown future

I shall only be writing about my Mum,

my brave,
full spirited,

many of you know her as Moannie

to me she is just...Mum

rightly or wrongly, depending on your perspective

she has almost, no probably always put us first.

But now the time has come,
too shockingly sudden for us her family,
for her to put herself first.
her want,s her needs, her wishes

for Dad (JP) and care
and understanding,
but for now...

from your three children,
united as per your request,
you didn't need to ask Mum,
every wish, need and want will be granted
if humanely possible...

we three borne of a force of strength,
balls, humour and love..

don't doubt it..

Alice ( but to most Saz)