Friday, 25 November 2011



A hectic few days for Mumma, which has included three separate hospital appointments over three days, culminating in todays first chemo session.

The house has been cleaned (again, after my sister blitzed the place last week) by a team of Molly Mops (yes that's what they are REALLY called), visits from district nurse, Occ. Health, GP, Hospice at home carers and a regular morning and evening carer to help Mum with her ablutions and what nots.

I've spoken to Mum and she is tucked up in bed. Tired and a bit in awe of the amount of visitors through their front door, probably several more than they are used to in one year alone.

I'm driving down on Monday for the week and will record Mum's missives (posts) on her blog.

So back soon with more......



  1. Thanx, *Alice* for the update. Will be good for you to be able to spare a week with your Mum. I'm sure that you'll be a tower of strength to her.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Thanks so much for this. Look after you.. and your Mum. Hugs to all.

  3. catcing up post-holiday. glad to hear mu is a candidate for the chemo and a trial. praying the treatment isn't too rough on her.

  4. Take care, my darling Alice - Wrap warm, take gin, music and your sense of humour and beauty. Love you, lots of love and vibrant light for Mumma xxx

  5. Just caught up on your last several updates now that I'm back in town. You are all doing a great job and I'm glad Moannie is being so well cared for.

    Hang in there one and all.

    xo jj

  6. You are so great. I think you and your mama are the dealing with this with incredible spirit and strength. All my best.

  7. Saz, not blogged for ages and so shocked to read your recent news. Hugs to you my friend

    S x

  8. Would you send anyone who wants to clean over here to my place?

  9. Just back from my holiday vacation. Glad to see you've updated a few times since I left. Thanks for doing so! Give Moannie my love!


  10. Thanks for keepin us in the loop
    give mum a squeeze for me and tell molly she missed a spot

  11. Give Mum a big hug from me, thanks ~ Eddie x


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