Wednesday, 9 November 2011

update #1

Just to let you know that I've been down to visit Mum and she is out of immediate danger. last week held the potential and the doctors have taken her in hand and made good her breathing by inserting a stent... and she is no longer bloated to the size of a prize  pumpkin.... sorry Mum! Full details of which will unfold on her won blog

She is in feisty, l'll take no shit, spirits, (where else would l get that from?) and she is surrounded by her family. Mum is buoyed up by the support of her friends here and she is so touched and moved by you all.
 laptop is being sorted for her so between Paco and this newer machine she intends to visit you all personally soon.

Please be measured when taking her dancing, drinking or whatever else you concoct and remember she must be home by midnight!

thank you all!

'Alice' er well you know its me dontcha! (saz)


  1. well, i think the first night, we should limit mum to a short marathon, a few pints and a good skinny dip.
    we can save dancing for the second night.
    i'm just really glad she's bein a spitfire.
    cant imagine her anyother way
    and glad she's doin a bit better

  2. Thanks for letting us know, saz. So glad that Moannie is out of danger. Your last post did have us worried. As for dancing, I'm not that steady on my feet so I think I'll just take her for a quiet drink instead. Love to you all.

  3. Good luck to her and you all

    Next time I'm on the beach at the old stomping ground - much less these days now I work in London - Friday afternoons I often would pop to stand next to Reculver and look around... anyway next time I am there I'll throw some pebbles for her

  4. All good news, thank you, Sara - Hope you are also looking after you?!

    It is good to read Moannie's words through your ventriloquism too! You are both such indomitable, unsinkable Molly Browns - I am soooo proud of you xxx

  5. Good to hear your Mum is responding to treatment, hopefully she'll be home soon. x

  6. Such good news .. I send positive vibes her way .. and wishes for a fast out of hospital because we all know she'll heal faster at home .. and hugs to my friend, its not easy when a loved one is in hospital .. xo

  7. Go Moannie! Great news and what a fighter!

  8. I am here from Hilary's. You and your mother are amazing women. Thank you for being "ventriloquist" as needed. Am sending all positive wishes her way and yours. May she continue to fight and progress!

  9. Many thanks for keeping us posted on Moannie's progress.
    Wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Maggie x
    Nuts in May


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