Monday, 14 November 2011

Update #4

After a few days of mad, mental meanderings
and surprisingly lucid recountings, considering

Mum has had a wonderful weekend,
l'm sure she will impart the stories...

surrounded by family she has continued to be pampered,
of course,

midnight feasts, talking long into the nights
and a sunday roast, apparently to die for..

My son and I, mouths dripping with want
from 400 miles away, taste every succulent morsel

This morning Mum is in Fab and Feisty mood,
fire in the belly
today she is gonna take a scalp or two...
from the medical profession l'm sure

watch this space....

'alice' x


  1. I do indeed keep watching this space. So glad to hear that her spirits are high. And I'm drooling over the mere suggestion of that dinner!

    Thanks again for these updates. And you took a wonderful photo of your Mum on her site. Just gorgeous.

  2. Glad to come here on Monday morning and hear that she's doing well!

  3. Fab and Feisty is how to beat the doc's and whatevers ailing her!

  4. You must be exhausted, just for the worrying alone. Hope you both get some good rest.

  5. Sounds as if she is living it large - Just like her! Love to you xxx

  6. so glad she is buoyed by support from whatever th source and being well-doted upon. much love to you all.

  7. So pleased that good progress is being made and that your mum is back in the driving seat!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. and to think i nearly surrender just getting out of bed. Gotta love mum's spunk


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