Saturday, 8 October 2011

it's strange

but I never know what to write here when I am content and even... er happy....

and I am ..for this moment...happy

alice x


  1. Its great to hear that you are happy! Result. ~Simone de Beauvoir is famous for saying that it's not possible to be both a writer and happy. I know which I would prefer!

  2. Enjoy! grab all the happy you can get.

  3. Wonderful - rather thave you happy than a long posting. Really pleased for you. Long may it last but may you learn how to post while content!

  4. Good to hear ... so when you are happy you need to share your vision of that here .. photos and your lovely poems

  5. Daryl's right, a happy poem would be great.XXXX

  6. Okay Daryl, Moannie l'm on the case..


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