Friday, 5 August 2011

in wonder

I see
you watch me
and  I know your eyes follow me
as I move here and there

in wonder

you listen to me,
and not politely or just cos
you say you like listening
to what I have to say

in wonder

I watch you
unsure if you know I do
my eyes watch you
watching me

in wonder

we exchange stories,
loves and losses,
both searching and
scared and

in wonder

I listen to you breathe
and watch you sleep
your long black eyelashes
flutter over your
sad baby blues

in wonder

I hold my breath
'someone like you
someone like me'

I wonder...?


  1. a world of possibilities in a few lines...

    thanks for leaving the crumb trail so i could follow you down the rabbit hole.

  2. Lovely ... and I wonder too

  3. Whew! Until you got to the long eyelashes and baby-blues, I thought maybe you had some sort of surveillance equipment trained on me!


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