Monday, 1 August 2011


(.. oh don't you just love the way some words crash around your mouth and tongue?)

After visiting a blog quite late t'other night, and as so often happens the post and my initial knee jerk comment  stayed with me overnight. It got me thinking about how many well loved phrases, mottos and in my case mantras contradict each other.

'Hold on' - it does what it says on the label, say it, do it and it gets you where you thought you couldn't. I've held on many times, as the alternatives were not all that attractive. And indeed just two little words that are just, well massive! ' This too shall pass', is the conclusion, so hold on and it shall be so.

'Let it go' - is just as worthy, three little words that hold a punch in terms of.all the crap that pulses through our heads>  Leaving us analysing it to the enth degree; or some thing, some action that is like a maelstrom, threatening damage emotionally or mentally. So just jerk it to one side, shove it in a virtual box, padlock it or do as I do, photocopy it and burn it.

Freedom. Move on.

My two mantras that are most helpful and hopeful. Opposites at first glance, seemingly they  prescribe different medicines, but actually work very well together


  1. The Yin and Yang of mantras.

    Indeed they do work well together. I had a blow-up mess at work on Friday that couldn't be fixed...had to hold on all weekend dreading the Monday that I have the mess somewhat under control...I'm saying to myself "this too shall pass"...and then I can let it go.

    Thanks for laying out these words of wisdom for us all to remember, because you know it's always something.....

  2. Surrender to win - now there is one I still don't get even though I've done it - but try to explain it... errr...

  3. 'Je ne regrette rien' is one I try to live by - I don't always find it easy to do so, however - But 'This too shall pass', is a great one! xxx


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