Thursday, 4 August 2011

A pain in the neck!

These days I think it's always wise to expect the unexpected and sure thing Monday was one of those days.....

I got shunted and not in a good way, stationary waiting for a jcb to cross in front of my car at road works, the driver behind, just didnt notice or something and rearended me big time, and promptly drove off.

Forward to Tuesday and after police, statements and the locating by them of the aforementioned driver, I was beginning to feel the effects, my car needs some tlc, a new bumper and spoiler and I need tlc and a new spine. Well not quite I am exaggerating  a little.

I spent tuesday from 4pm, trussed up like a christmas turkey, flat on my back, neck in a brace and my head taped to the table in a large contraption. Took 6 people to roll me here there and everywhere. Xrays, bedpans, URGH!  AND no movement at all, fearful that the whip lash had cracked a vertebrae or worse.

My only view was of  the ceiling tiles for nearly 24 hours, and then the MRi . That was an experience, anyone I know who has had one, has said it claustrophobic and noisy at best. I found the clanging quite rhythmic and so I heard a melody in there and was only woken by my own snoring!  (btw I'm sure I don't snore)

The consultant released me from my prison bed after the MRi. The good news was nothing was cracked or broken. I apparently have severe arthritis in my neck now as well as my lower back, though neither gives me any jip really. The whiplash effect has displaced a disc and its pressing on a nerve that is now also dislodged, causing the numbness. With rest it may all return to normal, so a couple of weeks off. Hopefully this will do the trick otherwise I'm to go to a neurosurgeon in Newcastle..

So from my lovely bed, surrounded with books, pens, paper, music, gin - I kid you not my pal brought me a water bottle full of gin n tonic to the hospital. I KNOW who my friends are!

Having two men fuss after me last evening was quite splendid, not sure how long I can extend this treatment, but a girl has to try!


  1. OUCH .. keep knees elevated when laying down to relieve pressure on the lower spine .. I have a horrific lower back which spasms out from time to time .. and I knew we were kindred spirits, I too found the rhythmic clanging of the MRI soothing .. it put me to sleep too! Feel better soon but meanwhile take full advantage of your male nurses! ;-)

  2. Only you could fall asleep in an MRI scanner, Sara - I hated mine! I can vouch for the neurosurgeons in Newcastle personally, but do rest if that is what they have advised - You can't take numbness seriously enough and to do too much risks nerve damage - Trust me, I know, I can't feel half of my right foot and calf...

    Take care, watch yourself and I hope the treatment goes swimmingly - Just imagine what you can do with the compensation for being rear-ended, and enjoy thinking of how to spend it while you're lying in great state!

    Love you,

    Fhi xxx

  3. That's a real pain in the neck! I hope the police throw the book at the driver for driving off; I suspect a non-insured driver there!

    Let's hope your back rights itself soon. I had back problems once, had an MRI and like you had a vertebra pushing on a nerve. Physiotherapy did the trick for me, it was amazing how quickly it worked after months of being in agony.

  4. This is awful..... but glad nothing was broken.
    I have always dreaded a MRI scan so now you've put my mind at rest if I ever needed one. Don't think I'd ever fall asleep in one though.

    Funny how I've written about pain too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Ouch, how awful! Thank goodness nothing was broken. Hope the bed rest does the trick and you're soon feeling better, but enjoy the bed rest while you can.

  6. I, too, have arthritis in the neck, although playing sports and such keeps me limber enough that it doesn't usually bother me too much unless I've kept it in an awkward position too long while sleeping or whatever. I have it on my medical chart that I am to be given Percocet any time I ask for it, but I've only asked for a prescription twice since being diagnosed about 10 years ago.

    Take care of yourself. I'll say a prayer for your speedy recovery.

  7. Poor you....but at least you are getting the right treatment (including gin) just chill!

  8. What a bummer, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  9. Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of much of the aging process. Ain't it grand, though? Well, sometimes the only good thing seems to be if you can still get up and move a little and the fact that you are still above ground instead of below, ya know. At least that's usually my response when I see people and they ask how I'm doing! But seriously, pain is -especially when it in that area -upper neck-back or lower back area -it really makes no difference as it is all then a royal pain in the arse! I've had several MRI's over the past 8 years and for me, the earphones with the choices of music they offered for me to listen to worked so well that inevitably it enabled me to take a nice long nap! No one ever told me though if I snored or not but I'll wager I probably did!

  10. oh no. so sorry you've gone through this. so glad it wasn't worse. i too fall asleep in MRIs. find a good chiropractor to help sort you out, really. it's made a world of difference for me post whiplash.


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